Cigarette Smoke Removal

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Cigarette Smoke Removal

House cleaning, deep cleans
Cigarette smoke can create a pervasive odor, but can over time, the smoke and tar can stain the walls in your home. Even if only only some rooms have been smoked in, the entire home can have a smoke odor. The smell of cigarette smoke can be overwhelming, especially to people who don't smoke. The smoke also reduces indoor air quality, which often affects children the most.

HERO Cleaning specializes in serious odor removal, even from cigarette or cigar smoke. We have special equipment, including a truck-mounted steam cleaning system and an ozone machine to battle the toughest odors and smoke contamination. We've been in business for over 20 years, and we get the job done right. All of our cleaning services and your complete satisfaction are 100% guaranteed.

We can provide you a quote on the various services that we recommend for your situation. All our quotes are free.

If your tenants have been smoking in your rental home, we can help with deodorizing the rental for your new tenants. We also can remove pet odors, and have a whole host of other rental property cleanup, along with many other professional cleaning services in the East Valley of Phoenix.

Contact HERO Cleaning for multiple services that can help you with odor cleanup, including house cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, and we can clean most types of curtains (although some curtains may require dry-cleaning).


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