Saltillo Tile Cleaning

we can clean, seal, and wax saltillo tile to high shine

Saltillo Tile Cleaning

Saltillo tile cleaning grout seal
One of the most beautiful natural tile options, common in Arizona homes, is saltillo tile. We think that it's tough to beat for design and southwest style. However, without proper cleaning and seal, saltillo tile can look dingy, dirty, and rather awful. HERO Cleaning are saltillo tile cleaning specialists.

This porous tile requires serious professional deep cleaning and then we apply a high-quality seal to avoid soaking in dirt, oil, and grime. We start with a simple sweeping and mopping, and then we steam-clean the saltillo tile. This steam clean is the same professional heat extraction cleaner that we use for our carpet cleaning services.

For extra dirty tile, we use our professional floor cleaning machine. It has scrubbing brushes that really help loosen the dirt and grime that can foul any saltillo tile floor. No matter how many times you mop, it will still look dirty. The professional floor cleaning really does the trick on saltillo tile. Once the saltillo tile floor is cleaned and sealed, it looks great. It is also much easier to clean up spills with a simple light mop without risk of staining your tile.

With saltillo, we are careful not to get the tile too wet. You should be careful when mopping the saltillo tile in your home. If the tile doesn't have a good seal, you can weaken the entire tile by getting it too wet. After we clean the saltillo tile with the professional floor cleaning machine, we wait for it fully dry. We have industrial fans that we use in our water extraction services that really help speed up the job. Finally, we apply a saltillo tile sealant and use the floor buffer to polish the floor and really make your saltillo tile shine.

Don't let improper care destroy the natural beauty of your saltillo tile floors. Call HERO today!


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