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We're located in Tempe, Arizona, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our service area includes Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Ahwatukee, San Tan, Sun Lakes, and anywhere in the Phoenix East Valley.

HERO Cleaning & Emergency Services offers dozens of professional cleaning solutions. -- No cleaning job is too big, no cleaning job is too small. -- We have over 20 years of experience cleaning what the other cleaning companies can't (or won't), and we've seen just about every kind of mess you can imagine. Of course, not everything is possible to perfectly clean like new, but we aim to always exceed your expectations and usually do. Every single job is done right and the results are 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

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HERO Professional Cleaning Services

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House cleaning, deep cleans House Cleaning / Deep Cleans
Call HERO Cleaning, the best way to keep your home clean, comfortable, and healthy. Multiple options available.

Move-in cleans, move-out cleaning Move-Out / Move-In Cleans
If a rental tenant or roommate left you a mess, or if you're moving, call HERO for comprehensive move in/out cleans.

Hoarding cleanup, cleaning help for hoarders Hoarders / Hoarding Help
We've performed countless hoarding cleanups over the years and understand the special requirements of this situation.

Junk removal, junk hauling Junk Removal / Trash Hauling
HERO Cleaning hauls tons of household junk, garbage, and trash from people's homes every single month.

Appliance hauling, mattress recycling Appliance / Mattress Hauling
We can help you recycle your old mattresses, water heaters, or appliances, just call HERO to schedule a time.

Personal and home organization company Home Organization
HERO can provide that helping hand to stop the clutter from taking over your garage, your home, and your life.

Furniture hauling, furniture removal Furniture Removal / Hauling When that heavy old sleeper couch, broken chair, or other old furniture needs to go, call HERO to caome haul it away.

Big screen TV hauling, old TV recycling Old / Big Screen TV Removal
If you have a heavy old CRT or big screen televisions that's broken, call HERO to quickly haul away and recycle it.

Computer recycling, electronics recycling Computer / Electronics Recycling
HERO can help you haul and recycle your old computers and monitors and any other old, broken electonics.

Residential carpet cleaning company Residential Carpet Cleaning
Our truck-mounted steam-extraction thoroughly cleans your rugs and carpeting without leftover soap residue.

Commercial carpet cleaning business Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Heavy-traffic and dirty carpet specialists, no job's too big for our truck-mounted steam-cleaning carpet system.

Carpet stretching, carpet repair Carpet Stretching & Repair
Extend your carpet's life and improve the look and comfort with professional carpet stretching, for home or business.

Upholstery cleaning company, steam clean Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Improve looks and comfort of your couch and chairs with our steam clean service. We can treat all furniture types.

Water extraction, drying fans Water Extraction / Carpet Drying
Our equipment for water extraction and drying can handle soaked floors and carpets in your home or business.

Flood cleanup, emergency services Flood / Emergency Services
In a flooding emergency, call HERO, we've tackled water leak damage and flood cleanup for many local companies.

Saltillo tile cleaning, saltillo tile seal Saltillo Cleaning / Seal
We can help strip and clean your saltillo tile, and then we seal and coat it with special wax for a great shine.

Brick, stone, concrete cleaning Brick / Concrete Cleaning
We can pressure wash clean any type of rock, brick, stone, or concrete driveways, patios, walkways, pool deck.

Tile cleaning, grout cleaning Tile / Grout Cleaning
Even the nastiest grout or tile scum on indoor or outdoor floors, walls, showers or countertops is no match for HERO.

HVAC duct cleaning HVAC Duct Cleaning
With Arizona's dusty air, hire HERO to clean your air ducts regularly, especially if you have pets, kids, or allergies.

Dryer vent cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning
Your dryer will perform much better and you'll save you money if your dryer exhaust is clean and properly working.

Air filter cleaning Air Filter / Vent Cleaning
You'll save money on heating and cooling, and reduce airborne contaminants with clean vents and the right air filters.

Pet odor removal Pet Smell Deodorizing
Even the stinkiest pet odor, puppy pee, or cat urine smell can be deodorized and eliminated with HERO Cleaning.

Cigarette smoke removal Cigarette Deodorizing
Upholstery, carpet, curtains, even walls can smell like cigarettes, and HERO Cleaning has a solution for you.

Fire cleanup, smoke cleaning Fire / Smoke Damage Clean Up
After a home or business fire, we can handle the big, soggy, sooty cleanup and help with fire damage restoration.

Residential clean out, property preservation Residential Clean Out
When you need a professional property preservation specialist for your home or rental cleanout, call HERO Cleaning.

Commercial cleaning, office cleaners, corporate clean Commercial Clean Out
We offer professional cleaning for retail, warehouse, offices, corporate cleanouts, showroom floors, and exteriors.

Black mold cleanup, mildew cleaning Mildew / Mold Cleaning
Excess moisture or lack of ventilation can lead to mold or mildew that are hazardous to your health. Contact HERO asap!

Storm damage cleanup, yard debris removal Storm Damage Cleanup
When monsoon storms hit, call HERO to clean up and haul away the storm blow-downs and any damage or mess.

Tree cleanup, tree trimming, tree removal Tree Cleanup / Removal
HERO Cleaning has chain saws, rigging, and big trailers to remove damaged or fallen trees, even really huge trees.

Cactus cleanup, cacti extraction Cactus Extraction / Cleanup
If a big cactus dies or loses limbs, don't get hurt trying to move the dangerous debris yourself. Call HERO for help.

Backyard cleanup, property cleanup Backyard Cleanup
Whether you're over-run with junk or with weeds, get control of your backyard again with HERO property cleanup.

Rental property cleaning Rental Property Cleanup
When that tenant leaves your rental house a disaster zone, call HERO to get it all fixed up and cleaned in a hurry.

Concrete removal, concrete hauling Concrete Demo / Removal
We can jackhammer, cleanup, haul away damaged or un-needed concrete pads, concrete patios, pools, or landscape rock.

Bobcat services, fence pole auger, Bobcat Services
Our versatile Bobcat can be used for digging, leveling, and site prep while the auger works great for setting fence posts.

Dumptruck rental, dump truck hauling Dumptruck Services
When you have lots to haul, whether it's garbage or garden compost, rest assured the HERO dumptruck is to the rescue.

Landscaping labor, digging, site prep Labor (Digging, Site Prep, etc)
Even if just you need helping hands with your backyard landscaping project or other site prep, HERO is here for you.


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