Storm Damage Cleanup

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damage cleanup
Besides the summer heat, the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona has rather mild weather. During late summer and winter, however, heavy monsoon rains and winds can knock down branches, cactus, and sometimes even damage sheds or other structures. If you have a mess on your hands following a big storm, HERO Cleaning can help clean it up quickly.

Be careful picking up limbs or pieces of cactus after a storm. There are often very sharp cactus needles and spikes that can cause a lot of damage to your hands or clothings. Be sure to wear heavy duty gloves, but still be careful, because the cactus spikes and thorns can be so sharp, they can pierce leather gloves. Also, these cactus or tree limbs can be seriously heavy, so don't hurt yourself. Much better idea to leave your cleaning needs to the professional.

HERO Cleaning frequently tackles storm cleanup jobs in Mesa, Tempe, and other communities of the East Valley. With over 20 years of experience helping people tackle their toughest cleaning jobs, HERO Cleaning is the go-to professional cleaning company in the east Phoenix area. We also have a wide variety of other services too that we handle for our cleaning clients. We'd love to help you determine a cleaning package that best fits your needs.

Plus, we have the best rates in town on storm cleanups and hauling. Contact us today!


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